Our Pre-School garden is very important to us. 

 In September 2014 we received a Bronze Award and a Silver Award in September 2015 and 2016in the Solihull  Neighbourhoods in Bloom, Schools category, due to the hardwork of Graham and our keen young gardeners!

  We have received (15th May 2017) a kind donation of £475 from The Norton Foundation to buy two new wooden, mobile planters for our Pre-School.  A big thank you for their kind donation.

In September 2013 our Pre-School garden was completely refurbished.  We are very fortunate, that half of our outdoor space is covered by a roof, so that we can access this area, whatever the weather.  Graham is our gardening expert and he has completed "Gardening for Schools" training with the Royal Horticultural Society.  In 2014 we have purchased a log cabin and gardening trolley to further enhance our garden.


2015, we have introduced our "Mud Kitchen", which has hugely enriched our Pre-School children's experience of our outdoor area, encouraging lots of creative play and learning.




 Some pictures from our Pre-School garden


    gardening is fun!            Our seedlings                    We watch them grow!


 preparing beans to plant            Our scarecrow- keeping our plants safe!


 Our seedlings are really growing!            We are hoping for a big crop of
                                                                        potatoes (08/05/15)


 Our scarecrow is watching over                  See what we've grown
     our seedlings.

See how our garden is growing! with lots of help from the children.






Here are some photographs of our Gardening Competition 2017.  We asked the children to plant herbs, fruit plants, vegetables or flowers in an unusual container.  


 There's still time to enter